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I love photography

I love to use technology to be a creative person. Using dictation to get the words out of my head and onto a digital public page. It's fantastic to use technology such as my iPhone and iPad to create digital images. The still digital images and video are there to record my life experiences. Not so much in a strict digital journal photographic truth style but more in an explosion of visual ideas. I like to take photos which explore shape, pattern and colour. What I see is only a starting point on a journey which punishes pixels to within an inch of their lives. The images I produce are more an expression of thinking and feeling than just being a flat window on the world. While a lot of this artistic output is for the benefit of helping me remember how I have lived my life, like it to be interesting for other people to view too.

David Allen

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In a previous life I was a Smurf! Just kidding.... I don't mind making fun of myself as I go about making my art.


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Writing about technology - Maybe a bit of fiction too.

Using iOS for Creative Purposes



Here are some of my latest Images
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Crayons - Metal
Purple and Yellow Flowers
Mast and Boom in Wood
Fire Pump
Rusty Sickle
Barcelona Train Tracks
Maltese Boat
Fishy tale

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